Sara Michaels

Host – On The Porch

Weekdays 3pm – 7pm

Hey I’m Sara!  I’ve spent my life in Winter Haven…gone to the schools you have gone to, I have bent rods in the waters you’ve fished,  and stomped on the dirt roads that are the homes of our infamous orange trees. After graduating from Winter Haven High School, I had a few scholarships and decided to stay local for college.  To earn money, I waited tables.  After a long night of work, I was singing all the songs that our restaurant was playing…and my co-worker said to me “instead of going into television broadcasting, why not go into radio?”  I asked why.  He said “well, you know every song on the radio and your voice is pretty different…plus your laugh…your laugh is great!”  To make a long story short, I got hired on at a 5,000 watt AM radio station and off I went!” I’ve been at 97 Country since 1999.  Before settling into the Afternoon Drive Show, I worked every single shift possible here at the station!  From staying up with you all night to waking up at O’God 30 to do the morning show, you  have been a part of my life for a long time now. When I’m not at the station or on social media (constantly staying in touch with you), you can find me in the woods chasin’ hogs and deer in the fall/winter…and on the waters wettin’ a line in the spring/summer.