DJ Thee Trucker

Co-Host – Julie and DJ In The Morning

Weekdays 5am – 10am

Hey y’all, DJ here! As a young child growing up in central Georgia, I always knew my calling was way bigger than being stuck on my family’s 250 acre Mayonnaise Farm. Besides, have you ever tried to herd Mayonnaise into that little jar?? Definitely not as easy as it looks!! My next project was to have my own fishing show on TV, but that failed too.  I had trouble figuring out what kind of bait they used to catch those fish fillet sammiches and fish sticks with. During my lengthy career as a trucker, while listening to the 97.5 WPCV morning show, I got the bright idea to weasel my way into the studio with bribes of weekly donuts for the crew. The rest… history… Next thing you know I’m hanging around the radio station like the unwanted house guest who sits around in his underwear, eats all your food, and you just can’t get to leave! My hobbies include sleeping , napping , eating and napping….napping is my all time favorite pastime….