Midland Share Video For ‘Sunrise Tells The Story’

Midland recently released a music video for “Sunrise Tells The Story,” a single from their The Last Resort EP.

The visual, directed by Cameron Duddy, offers a different spin on a song about how people find each other in complicated and not-so-complicated times.

The clip brings out the trio’s wry humor, including a bit on the pronunciation of Mark Wystrach‘s name, as well as the confession the singer has developed real feelings for “Janie,” the commander’s daughter.

“We’ve always loved pop culture,” says bassist/harmony singer Duddy, “and the way it threads through how people live. Done properly, it becomes what people reference in their lives. and when we were trying to think of how to represent this song, we wanted something more than just the obvious reference to a guy and a girl getting together. We hope this brings the song to life in a fun way for everyone.”

“We wanted to show people our own dynamic, too. How do you show our friendship in a way that’s not just a bunch of guys on the road?” adds guitarist/vocalist Jess Carson.

“We hope that shines through and makes it a fun one for our fans to watch. We love the way it turned out. It’s a lot of fun and just shows the three of us being us. It’s not so serious or so much a sexy video. If there’s anyone who’s going to be a little fast and loose at a party, no matter where, it’s us.So, mission accomplished. Hope everyone enjoys it,” the trio said.

Aaron Raitiere, Jessi Alexander and Jess Carson co-wrote “Sunrise Tells the Story.”

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