Willie Nelson To Release New Book Celebrating Friendship With Drummer Paul English

Willie Nelson is set to release a new book, titled “Me and Paul: Untold Tales of a Fabled Friendship,” which will explore his relationship with late drummer Paul English.

“Me and Paul: Untold Tales of a Fabled Friendship” will drop on September 20 via Harper Horizon.

English was Nelson’s longtime drummer who started playing with him in Fort Worth in 1955, although he did not become Nelson’s regular drummer until 1966.

Besides being the drummer for Nelson’s band, English was a key figure and close friend of the country legend. He also acted as his bodyguard and accountant, among other roles. English died on February 11, 2020 of acute pneumonia, at the age of 87.

English was the titular “Paul” of the Nelson album Me and Paul as well as the title track of that album. English also had a role in Nelson’s movie Red Headed Stranger (1986).

“There’s something about my friendship with Paul that reminds me of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. Tom was more civilized and Huck was wilder,” Nelson said. “Although I was plenty wild at age twenty-two, I’d have to say Paul was wilder.”

He added, “Like Tom and Huck, though, we became a team. Nothing could or would ever separate us. If someone tries to tell my story without putting Paul by my side, don’t bother reading it.”

Nelson wrote “Me and Paul” with the Grammy-winning music journalist, biographer, and author David Ritz.

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