The Great Cookie Robbery of ’24

Julie & DJ received cookies from the fine folks at the Florida Strawberry Festival, but after being gone for several days, Julie noticed they were gone. Chris says he didn’t take them, BUT he knows who did and he isn’t spilling the beans. The drama unfolds… Plus, a new wedding service from the show and DJ’s name hacks!

Sheriff Judd and His K-9 Pal

Sheriff Judd spoke with the crew this morning about a captured fugitive, a butt slap, and a doggie bite! Plus, DJ’s grain hacks?

Ruin A Plane Ride

After hearing about a flight full of singing Taylor Swift fans, Julie and Chris wanted to hear you ruin a plane ride in three words or less and we loved your responses! Plus, a candlelight vigil, a lottery ticket, and a homework revolution!

I’ll See You In McCourt!

Who is suing McDonald’s and why? Julie, DJ, and Chris tell you all about it! Plus, DJ’s cold weather Hacks, Presidential sandwiches, a very nice school bus driver, and more!

Man Made A Bar

Julie, DJ, & Chris found the perfect formula for naming your own tavern and we had a lot of fun when you played along! Plus, stolen bird statues, a stolen bidet, and a listener steals the show doing some Luke Bryan karaoke!

Flower Power

Julie and Chris got a text from a listener who said that her husband got her flowers for Valentine’s Day, but he also got some for a co-worker and those flowers turned out to be better than hers! We wanted to know what you thought about it and the responses were all over the place! Plus, Food News naming, the meaning of SAD, and maggots on a plane!

Happy Valentimes!

Julie, DJ, and Chris go all out on Valentine’s Day this morning including discussions about kissing cousins, Polk County Valentine gifts, and one listener proves that he knows his love songs!

Happy Birthday From Who?

It was recently Julie’s birthday and neither of her brothers called or sent a text. They did post on her Facebook though. Is that good enough? You called and texted us to let us know what you thought! Plus, magic wands, new dating apps, and more!

Gosh Darnit!

The morning show crew went to dinner together Friday night and Chris accidentally let some colorful language slip. Meanwhile, DJ was getting distracted by some rowdy kids, which led to the question, which is worse in a restaurant: rowdy kids or cussing adults? Plus, your Super Bowl recap and more!


The animal rights organization PETA wants to change the way carousels look and Julie, DJ, & Chris can’t believe why! Plus, pizza, truck surfing, and fish loving!